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Fluctuating enrollments in computer science

by Amber Settle 13. April 2011 09:09

During the dot com boom DePaul CDM, along with a lot of other institutions focused on technology education, faced problems having to do with large enrollment increases.  Then, of course, the dot com bust occurred and we began to worry about shrinking enrollments.  Each kind of enrollment change brings different problems with it.  As a guest on Mark Guzdial's blog, Eric Roberts addresses this issue:

As we all know, those who aren't aware of history are doomed to repeat it.  I hope that we can all listen to the advice of those who experienced the last boom in computing education due to intellectual interest rather than purely financial interest and learn from it.  I think that there are solutions to the problems associated with positive enrollment change, and some of what we've done at DePaul CDM in terms of growing programs in a dynamic way will be especially interesting to others if we are in fact heading into a computing enrollment boom.  This should be our call to action to get some of our ideas out there so that we can contribute to the dialog.



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