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iTec welcomes a new director

by amber 15. November 2011 10:50

I'm happy to announce that Terry Steinbach has been named the new director of iTec.  Terry has been an active member of iTec since it's founding in 2008, and I know that she'll do a fantastic job.  Please join me in congratulating her.



Recording of Mark Guzdial's talk available

by amber 15. November 2011 09:44

A recording of Mark Guzdial's talk is now available on the iTec site.  If you weren't able to attend his talk on "Media Computation: Contextualized Computing Education" on October 28th, I hope that you'll watch.

Many thanks go to Paul Sisul for recording the talk on very short notice!


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Good teaching, diversity, and student retention

by amber 14. November 2011 05:30

The Chronicle recently had an article about predictors of student retention and learning.  The co-authors of "How College Affects Students" have found that good teaching, defined using some very basic notions such as good organization and clear directions, and diversity have a positive impact on student retention for the second year of college as well as on improvement of students' critical thinking skills.  These seem like fundamental things that every university (and faculty member) should be doing, but if it's worthy of an article in the Chronicle perhaps they're not.


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Disclosure of diversity data

by amber 9. November 2011 09:59

I was reading CNN today and came across an interesting article.  Every company that has more than 100 workers is required to file an EE0-1 form that categorizes workers by race and gender.  CNN asked to obtain the EEO-1 forms for a host of Silicon Valley companies, including the 10 biggest firms and 10 others that they deemed influential.  All of the companies refused to disclose the information except for Dell, Ingram Micro, and Intel.  Yes, that means Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc. simply refused to hand over the information.  CNN is still working on getting it.

It's clear why the companies refused.  The data from the companies that did provide it shows that the workforce is overwhelmingly white and male.  It's bad PR to disclose that your company doesn't have a diverse set of employees.  But if we ignore the issue, that's not going to help either.

The article is really excellent by the way, and you should read it.  The article concludes by talking about the fact that reaching out to only post-secondary (or about to be post-secondary) students isn't going to solve the problem.  They even mention changing primary education.


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Reminder: Mark Guzdial visits on 10/28

by amber 24. October 2011 09:42

As a reminder, Mark Guzdial will present as the inaugural speaker in the iTec Seminar Series on Friday, October 28th.  His talk entitled "Media Computation: Contextualized Computing Education" will begin at 5:30 pm in room 924 of the CDM building at 243 S. Wabash Avenue.  A reception beginning at 4:30 pm precedes the talk.  If you wish to attend, please RSVP no later than Tuesday, October 25th.

More information about the talk can be found on the iTec seminar page.  DePaul has also issued a press release about the event.


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